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This Ohio Move

Linn Cove Viaduct

Linn Cove Viaduct, Blue Ridge Parkway by Jim Dollar

This move to Ohio is making us all not-very-happy. It’s not that we don’t like adventure. It’s not that we don’t like Ohio. It’s that we KNEW where we were and where our friends were, and what to do to remain stable enough to at least get up most of the time back in our old, North Carolina home.

After our hospitalization a few years ago, we were invited to live with the person who would become our partner “as long as you need to”. Apparently, the need is still there. But the PLACE isn’t. We are all having to leave the place we love, and many of the animals that we loved are gone now and we will never see them again. Many died. Others are in new homes or new foster homes. Human relationships ended, or got put on hold. It’s just not a good place. Not a place we want to be in. Everything is just SO, SO up-in-the-air. Our things are, once again, spread across different states. So are the people we love. The person we know best here is our realtor. That’s sad.

This house that we’re in, it’s an awesome house! It’s a writer’s house and we love it. But it’s also big and dirty (because our physical health is such that we can’t really clean it quickly or thoroughly). It’s really overwhelming, all that there is to do. Plus, it’s been REALLY hard on the animals to give up the home they knew, the land they knew. Most everyone is adjusting, but some of our neighbors hate our animals, are afraid of them, and that’s another stressor.

Moving wasn’t really a choice thing. Not for us or for our partner. Especially caring for this many animals, having just purchased new cars (both of us because the old ones were breaking/broken), there was no way that we could survive without the good income my partner’s work provides. So, we had to move where the work was. I know it was necessary. I know that this is just another grand adventure…but I miss my old life! I miss my bedroom, which was supposed to be the living room. I miss my living room, which was supposed to be the dining room. I miss having our animals out in big, rambling, enrichment-filled pens! I just miss, miss, miss.

We thought, my partner and I, not the collective “we” that is “me”, that we would place our fosters, and as our elderly animals died, we would have a chance to sit back and enjoy that place in North Carolina. It would have been nice to be able to enjoy it without the responsibility of “too many critters”. Even now, even having moved, we have “too many critters”. It’s an awesome responsibility to place people that you are in love with! I love and miss every animal we place, and even as my responsibilities lessen, even as I have more time to do things like write this blog, I am SO, SO very sad! I hope I get to see them all in Animal Heaven. I hope I get to live there.

For now, though, for now, I hafta live here. Ready or not! Here it comes! I sure hope we can rise to the challenge. Or, at the very least, keep rising from this damn bed every day to do a little, love a little, dream a little, grab a bit of happiness in each of these days that only exist for me here, now…once.

Thanks to Jim Dollar Photography for the most PERFECT image to represent my journey!

Where I am now: Dayton, Ohio

Where I came from: Eden, North Carolina

Where I grew up: Cornelia, Georgia

The city that has my heart: Greensboro, North Carolina

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