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26 February 2010

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Drabble Challenge #55 [Alternate]

Prompt: day of the week (Tuesday)

part 2 of the Wilder Investigations series: Second Tuesday

Charlie cocked his head as he opened the office door. He could faintly hear odd noises from inside, so he cautiously swung the door open and found the light already on. Charlie looked around and his eyes widened with fear as he initiated plan “Delta Charlie Omega”, i.e. hide behind the coat-rack. Charlie cautiously peered through the hanging coats to find every chair and sofa occupied by assorted undead and unsavory monsters; the stench was overpowering. Charlie spied Matt sitting behind the reception desk, listening to an ambulatory skeleton. Matt noticed Charlie and silently mouthed, “Second Tuesday of the month.”




TitlePrompt ChoiceDate Posted
Second TuesdayTuesday26 February 2010


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