Nodoroc Looms

[<] [>]  by Joel Byers[+]

8 June 2012

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Drabble Challenge #61 [Alternate]

Prompt: safe

part 42 of the Expanded Blue Mountain Stories series: Blue Mountain

John Franklin straightened his sore back and leaned on his hoe for a short rest. His captors were not harsh masters, but they didn’t put up with any extended laziness. Life had changed since Torquay’s sacrificial death; young Sidmouth was now rabbit quiet with eyes that wanted to cry, but didn’t. Even Wallace had changed. He now assumed Torquay’s old role and saw to the younger boy, making sure he ate and helping him with his chores. John looked over his shoulder toward Nodoroc and saw that the ever-present funnel-cloud was still that evil, dark blue. They were not safe.




TitleDate Posted
Reinforcements1 July 2010

Other Alternates

TitleDate Posted
A Rescue28 July 2012
A Serendipitous Rescue10 June 2012


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