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21 May 2012

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Drabble Challenge #62 [Alternate]

Prompt: sacrifice

part 32 of the Expanded Blue Mountain Stories series: Blue Mountain

It was twenty-two days since their betrayal and Wallace had already made three escape attempts. The Creek now called him “Takes-A-Beating” and admired his stubbornness, but didn’t stop beating him for trying. John Franklin, Torquay and Sidmouth pulled weeds and watched Wallace as he stumbled from chore to chore.

Sidmouth glanced to the southeast and noticed that the eerie upside-down blue pyramid-shaped cloud was a darker, angrier blue. “Wallace’s bruises are the same color as Nodoroc’s cloud,” he said.

“If it grows darker, they will make a sacrifice to Nodoroc,” John Franklin said. “One of us,” and looked at Wallace




TitleDate Posted
The Pressing1 July 2010

Other Alternates

TitleDate Posted
Sacrifice, Completed21 May 2012
Sacrifice, The Choice21 May 2012
The Lake of Mud21 May 2012
Fate, Determined21 May 2012


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