Supply vs Demand, FA #15

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14 June 2011

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Drabble Challenge #71 [Alternate]

Prompt: chicken

part 15 of the Wilder Investigations series: Fowl Apparitions

“So, what are we facing,” Matt said as he lounged in the luxurious leather chair.

Belford tapped his chin and said, “For starters, zombie chickens.”

“Cha-ching,” Charlie said.

“That’s plural,” Matt noticed, “so, more than three or four?”

“More than three or four thousand,” Belford replied.

“Cha-ching,” Charlie said.

“Anything else?” Matt asked as he sipped his second Scotch.

“Ghost chickens,” Belford said.

“Three or four thousand?” Matt asked.

“At least,” Belford said.

“Cha-ching.” Charlie added.

“And certain people are growing feathers,” Belford quickly added.


“Do you have to do that?” Belford growled at Charlie.

“Yes,” Charlie said, “Cha-ching!”




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