Goodie To The Rescue!

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22 July 2012

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Drabble Challenge #87 [Alternate]

Prompt: word (danger)

part 57 of the Expanded Blue Mountain Stories series: Blue Mountain

“Pol! Castor!” Goodie shouted. “They’re not Good Cherokee!”

They looked at her, confused and alarmed. “What do you mean?” Pol asked.

She pointed to Wood-Axe and Rabbit and said, “Last night I woke and heard them talking and I now remembered what they said.”

“Child,” Rabbit said as she shuffled towards Goodie. “It was a dream, just a silly dream.”

“No,” Goodie said. “You wanted to smother us and steal our hearts.”

“Steal our hearts?” Castor asked as his wolf growled.

“Fool woman,” Wood-Axe muttered and began chanting. Surprisingly, the ground reached up and slapped Goodie and the boys unconscious.




TitlePrompt ChoiceDate Posted
Keep Your Eyes Opendanger22 July 2012

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TitlePrompt ChoiceDate Posted
No Time To Napdanger 22 July 2012
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