No Time To Nap

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22 July 2012

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Drabble Challenge #87 [Alternate]

Prompt: word (danger)

part 58 of the Expanded Blue Mountain Stories series: Blue Mountain

“Wake them up, you said,” Rabbit bitched as she and Wood-Axe dragged the unconscious boys back into the cabin. “Feed them breakfast, you said. They’ll leave and never know what we are, you said.”

“Quiet woman!” Wood-Axe shouted as he flung Castor on a floor-pallet and turned to go and get Castor’s sleeping wolf. “How was I to know that girl heard us last night?”

Rabbit dropped Pol and followed Wood-Axe outside. “We should have smothered them like I wanted. So, do we kill them now?”

“Not yet,” Wood-axe answered. “We owe the Nun’yunu’wi and he likes his food fresh.”




TitlePrompt ChoiceDate Posted
Keep Your Eyes Opendanger22 July 2012

Other Alternates

TitlePrompt ChoiceDate Posted
Goodie To The Rescue!danger 22 July 2012
Danger Recognizeddanger 22 July 2012


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