Gifts With Strings

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24 January 2013

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Drabble Challenge #94 [Alternate]

Prompt: lost

“I hate this name!”

Torgon, The Bestower, sat impassively before the ranting, angry young man and leafed absent mindedly through the heavy tome of “Lost Names”. “You agreed to accept the Bestowing for the gifts we provided.”

“But THIS name,” Richard shouted. “Do you know what the nickname for Richard is?!”

“Yes,” Torgon answered emotionlessly. “It’s believed that you can restore honor to that lost name.”

“So you won’t give me a different one?” Richard asked plaintively.

“No,” Torgon said as he finally lifted his eyes from the dusty book. “Please leave Mr. Trickle, and send in your brother, Adolph.”




TitleDate Posted
Lost, According to Charlie19 August 2012

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