Second Tuesday

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26 February 2010

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Drabble Challenge #55

Prompt: day of the week (Tuesday)

part 1 of the Wilder Investigations series: Second Tuesday

Charlie whistled as he hurried up the wooden steps to the office doors. Even though it was past 10 PM, the Harris-Martin Haunting needed to be concluded by Friday, and he knew Matt wouldn’t do the needed paperwork and research. “Matt doesn’t DO paperwork,” Charlie said in his best Matt voice as he fumbled his key into the lock. As he turned the key to unlock the door, he found that the door was already unlocked and heard noises coming from inside. Suspicious, Charlie placed his ear against the door and listened. Carefully, Charlie opened the door and slid inside.



Alternate Drabbles

TitlePrompt ChoiceDate Posted
Community ServiceTuesday 26 February 2010


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