Child of Light

by Deneen Ansley

This is Book I of the series Ye Gods!


Aagares <neraph angel>Keeper of the Soil; Director of sector twenty; Jovian angel responsible for taking care of the literal grounds inside the Garden of Eden.
Adrammalech <neraph angel>Brother Courtier; Director of sector seventy-seven; Jovian angel responsible for the design and tailoring of all clothing used on Eden.
Ambassador of Gem <position>(see: Little One)
Ambassador of Nighe <position>(see: Ingwe)
Ambassador of Taugia <position>(see: Appoxsex)
Angels <race>Fathered by Jehovah, but whose actual Creator was the baag, another Jovian race. This race of angel includes all of the angelic classes, including the cherubim, seraphim, neraphim, and the god and goddess of Man.
Antios <neraph angel>Brother Accountant, Keeper of the Numbers; Director of sector one; Jovian angel responsible for keeping track of all accounting, quotas, etc.
Appoxsex <sexton>Ambassador of Taugia, the retreat and resort planet of Ouranos.
Asherah <tree>Tree of Life, also known as Mendous, responsible for providing the necessary food for Lucifer and Lillith while they dwell in the Garden of Eden. Her food is completely digestible, no waste products accrued during its processing.
Asmodeus <neraph angel>Brother Prime Director; Jovian angel who is head Director over the other angel Directors who occupy the Control Room, and who care for Lucifer's Garden of Eden.
Astaldo <god>An Immortal One who is of the race of god, and who is an acquaintance of Hovannah and Jehovah. In a previous, primitive incarnation he first experimented with and achieved the Joining of the soul of a male to a female. He is also known as Tulkas Astaldo in his current incarnate form as an Immortal.
Astaroth <neraph angel>Chief Witness; Jovian angel responsible for the witnessing of all trials, sentencing proclamations and their executions, and other important events as his presence is deemed warranted by Jehovah.
Azriael <neraph angel>Jovian angel who holds the position of blacksmith and weapons creator and specialist.
Baag <race>The first known race to be created by Jehovah upon Eden. These beings were smaller and less powerful than the angels, hairless, with translucent skin and little ability to emanate. It was their work and research that created Jehovah's angelic race.
Beelzebub <neraph angel>Brother Caretaker, Keeper of Life; Jovian angel responsible for care and upkeep of both the incubating and living angels.
Behemoth (and his Levitators/Leviathans) <neraph angels>Jovian angel most gifted in the control of telepathy and telekinesis, second only to Jehovah's angel Leviathan, from whom all of the other Levitators have been cloned. He is responsible for leading, controlling and guiding the Levitators/Leviathans, who are lacking in other intelligences.
Belial <neraph angel>Brother Composor; Director who researches the emotional needs of the Holy Couple in regards to their nurture through music; Jovian angel responsible for composition of all of the musical arrangements that are produced by the angelic choir in Lucifer's Garden of Eden.
Brother Accountant <neraph angel>(see: Antios)
Brother Caretaker <neraph angel>(see: Beelzebub)
Brother Conductor <neraph angel>(see: Mephistopholes)
Brother Composor <neraph angel>(see: Belial)
Brother Courtier <neraph angel>(see: Adrammalech)
Brother Designer <neraph angel>(see: Fluerty)
Brother Prime Director <neraph angel> (see: Asmodeus)
Centaur <race>Sentient beings borne from a combination of man and equine genes. Immortal Nessa is their god of creation.
Chalydryl <race>A quite noisy and colorful, birdlike race who possess some demigod powers.
Cherub (Cherubim) <race>Any of the lesser rank of Jehovah's angels.
Chief Researcher <seraph angel>(see: Michael)
Chief Witness <neraph angel>(see: Astaroth)
Child of Light <god>(see: Lucifer)
Corwin <titan>An appointed leader on the planet of Gem. His was a political placement gained by an overindulgent Father.
Cosmos <God>God supreme; the universe.
Crystal (of Narth) <plant>Grows as a grade zero plant in the Garden of Eden. It has five points in its leaf and grows offspring in the number of four, itself completing the fifth point. It is the symbolic plant of the Holy Couple, and is represented by a pentegram.
Cyclops <race>Large, physically powerful, giants, having a single eye in the middle of the forehead where one's spiritual third eye would be located.
Demigod <subclass of god>One of any race which possess some of the qualities of gods, but whose abilities were either genetically suppressed by the gods to keep them less powerful, or whose race's evolution has not yet reached full god potential.
Director <position>Refers to that place held by Jovian angels who are in charge of the caretaking of the ship Eden, its inhabitants and contents.
Dwarf adj: Dwarvish <race>Short, stockily built beings who possess great strength of body, and even greater tempers and ill manners.
Eden <ship>The spirit of the Sentiental tree, or Ent, who takes up residence in the body of the ship that is occupied by Jehovah and his angels; also, the ship itself.
Elf adj: Elven <race>Lithe, good looking beings who are known for their quick wits, quick tongues, talents for diplomacy, and voracious love lives.
Elwe <elf>Ingwe's elven cousin and a fellow politician; also, a cousin to Finwe.
Ent <tree>Sentiental tree embodied in a table located in Jehovah's private study. Her homeworld has died and her soul clings to that physical part of her body that was not baptized by fire upon her death.
Finwe <elf>Ingwe's elven cousin and a fellow politician; also cousin to Elwe.
Flame <elemental>An ancient fire who has existed long enough to obtain sentience, and who works and dwells with Azriael.
Fluerty <neraph angel>Brother Designer; Jovian angel responsible for new mechanical designs and for the upkeep of existing systems.
Gabriel <seraph angel>Director of Michael's interests; Jovian angel who is Michael's underling, sharing in the duty of blowing Michael's horn for announcements and warnings.
God <race>Higher beings who make up Ouranos and control the worlds, lives, and most often even the creations and deaths of the other, lesser races. They are highly skilled geneticists, and great manipulators of the universe that they inhabit.
Gorgon <race>Demigods who are quite large, with tremendous psichical powers. They can kill with a look and have such built-up psi energy that their thick and corded hair is often standing straight up on their heads and waving about, giving it a reptilian appearance.
Greeve <race>Known for their hard working talents and capabilities, especially in the field of mining, these beings considered lesser by most other races. They are a squat, hairy race, looking like a cross between a great ape and human.
Harpy <race>Shrill avian-like, smelly feather covored and foul mouthed creatures, most often despised by others.
Helenous <centaur>Holds position of runner on the planet Venus.
Her/His Eminence <position>Chief Diplomat of Pente Ouranos. This title is currently held by the gorgon Medussa, who is stationed upon Venus where the governmental seat is maintained.
Holy Couple <god>Lord Lucifer and Lady Lillith.
Hovannah <god>An Immortal One who is of the race of god, and who is a friend and former classmate of Jehovah's. Hovannah has an extended visit with his racemate upon Eden.
Immortal: Astaldo, Hovannah, Jehovah, Nessa <god>title given to those who belong to the race god. All of the aforementioned were also former classmates of Jehovah's.
Immortal Highest <god>Slightly altered god title that Jehovah gave to himself representative of his own view of the position in which he considers himself, exalted above the others in the god hierarchy.
Ingwe <elf>Elven Ambassador of the planet Nighe, cousin to Elwe and Finwe.
Jehovah adj: Jovian <god>Immortal Highest; Father of the baag and the angels, including those angels Lucifer and Lillith who are the god and goddess of Man.
Jove <god>Nickname of Jehovah. (see: Jehovah)
Keeper of Life <neraph angel>(see: Beelzebub)
Keeper of the Numbers <neraph angel>(see: Antios)
Keeper of the Ship <neraph angel>(see: Nergal)
Keeper of the Soil <neraph angel>(see: Aagares)
Leviathans/Levitators <neraph angels>Clones of Leviathan, the most telepathic and most highly skilled in telekinetic powers of any of Jehovah's angels. These angels work under the direction of Behemoth at all times, due to the fact that they are intellectually challenged.
Lillith <goddess of Man>Lucifer's mate and Completor that Jehovah made for him and to whom he has been Joined. The female part of the Holy Couple. She is also known as Lady Lillith.
Little: One, Man, Person <race>One of the Little People who inhabit the tunnels upon Gem, as well as those upon numerous other planets. He is a mechanic on Nighe ships, and is appointed by Corwin as Ambassador of Gem. What was his name, anyway?
Lucifer <god> adj: LuciferianChild of Light; Jehovah's cloned but altered son. Lucifer is Joined to Lillith, who is his Completor. He is the male part of the Holy Couple and the new Lord of many of the angels of Jehovah's creation.
Malachi <watusi>Assistant to Volwrath, appointed leader of the planet Nighe.
Man <race>The angelic class that is solely occupied by Lord Lucifer and Lady Lillith. This term is used in reference to the race when the gender is unknown, or if it is known to be male.
Medussa <gorgon>Her Eminence, Chief Diplomat of Pente Ouranos. She is stationed upon Venus.
Melkor <god>An Immortal One with whom Ingwe has had previous negative encounters.
Mendous <tree>Tree of Life; also known as Asherah. She is responsible for providing the necessary food for Lucifer and Lillith while they are in the Garden of Eden.
Mephistopholes <neraph angel>Brother Conductor; Jovian angel responsible for conducting the angelic choir in Lucifer's Garden of Eden in their performance of the music composed by Belial.
Michael <seraph angel>Chief Researcher; Jovian angel who is the player of the same's horn. Often, this duty is left to his Brother and assistant underling, Director Gabriel.
Mim <dwarf>Ingwe's dwarvish aid.
Molan <cherub angel>Jovian angel who is valet and companion to Raphael.
Neraph <Neraphim>One of the angelic race who is at the highest level of angelic perfection, surpassed in abilities only by the Holy Couple.
Nergal <neraph angel>Keeper of the Ship; Director of sector two; Jovian angel responsible for keeping all of the mechanics of Eden running smoothly with the help of Fluerty. He is a troubleshooter and knows all of the entranceways and exitways that are secret to the other angels.
Nessa (1) <god>An Immortal One who is an acquaintance of Hovannah and Jehovah. In a previous, primitive and female incarnation he was Joined with the soul of a scientist named Astaldo, now incarnated as Immortal Astaldo. Nessa is also in his current incarnate form as an Immortal.
Nessa (2) <centaur>Betrothed of the centaur Helenous.
Nereides <race>Equivalent to the mythological mermaids and mermen. Man-like beings who possess the ability to live and function in and under water.
Orc <race>Primitive being associated with the Immortal One named Melkor. Some of these creatures currently inhabit Taugia.
OuranosGovernment of the gods; made up of those who control and make the rules and laws for their known universe.
Pente OuranosThe governmental seat of the five inhabited worlds of the Solar system. A subbranch of Ouranos located in Galaxias.
Phoenix <demigod>A race with many avian features and possessing some of the powers of the elements of fire. A powerful creature, particularly in regards to defying death.
Ptah <God>A god of the gods. A force that is responsible for maintaining the balance between good and evil.
Raguil <seraph angel>Helpmeet of Fluerty; Jovian angel with great talent in mechanics. Most often seen in the company of his Brother, Samuil.
Raphael <seraph angel>Brother Bureaucrat, Master of the Inner Chambers; Jovian angel responsible for carrying out sentencing of the damned.
River of Life <elemental>Life giving breathable and nutritious waters that make up the connective waterway that originates underneath Jehovah's throne and winds through the Garden of Eden.
Sammael <neraph angel>Keeper of the Flora; Director of sector 33; Jovian angel responsible for upkeep of the various plant life in the Garden of Eden.
Samuil <seraph angel>Helpmeet of Fluerty; Jovian angel with great talent in mechanics. Most often seen in the company of his Brother, Raguil.
Satan <neraph angel>Chief Engineer; Jovian angel who is the top representation of the entire race, the most beautiful and most intelligent of all of the demigod angels. He is used as a communicator between Jehovah and his minions.
Sentiental Tree <tree>Ent who lives with Jehovah, embodied in a table located in his private study. She later takes up residence in Eden herself.
Seraph (Seraphim)One of the middle rank in abilities of Jehovah's angelic race. These beings are not as powerful as the neraphic class, but are far superior to any cherubic classes.
Sexton <race>Highly intelligent and possessing six digits on each appendage. It is a sexton who currently holds position of Ambassador to Taugia.
Singing Trees <tree>Plants within the Garden of Eden who gained sentience as a result of their interaction with the Holy Couple.
Titan <race>Large, pale-skinned, working class beings. One of those non-god races persecuted for their, perceived, genetic inferiority.
Tulkas Astaldo <god>An Immortal One who is of the race of god, and who is an acquaintance of Hovannah and Jehovah. In a previous, primitive incarnation as a scientist known simply as, Astaldo, he was the first to experiment with and achieve the Joining of the soul of a male to a female. His Completor's name, whom he made for himself, is Nessa. He is in his current incarnate form as an Immortal One.
Tulkas Nessa <god>An Immortal One who is of the race of god, and who is an acquaintance of Hovannah and Jehovah. He is the Completor of Tulkas Astaldo, resultant from a time when he was in a previous, primitive and female incarnation, and was Joined with the soul of the then scientist, Astaldo. He is in his current incarnate form as an Immortal.
Uphir <neraph angel>Keeper of Life; Director of sector seven; medic; Jovian angel responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of illness.
Voice of the Air <neraph angel>The name by which Raphael is known to Azriael.
Volwrath <watusi>Appointed leader on the planet Nighe.
Watusi <race>Very large, very dark beings who were a favorite of the gods. This race only procreates scientifically with their offspring born from nurture tanks, and pursues same-sex relationships otherwise. Historically, they have persecuted pale skinned, non-god races.
Whale <race>Large aquatic, highly evolved mammals who are currently occupying Taugia. They are known throughout Ouranos for their beautiful and calming songs. This race made a conscious choice to give up appendages with digits, such as hands, so as to blend in with their environment and represent no threat or harm in any attempt to manipulate it. Their existence might be seen as represented by the priesthoods of today.
Woman <race>The term used to refer to the female of the angelic class that is solely occupied by Lord Lucifer and Lady Lillith


AndromedaGalaxy nearest Galaxias.
BashallCapitol of the planet Gem.
Common RoomA large room provided for the angels upon Eden wherein they may socialize and entertain themselves during their Free Times.
CosmosEncompassing all that is; also, Cosmos as God.
DeimosA satellite of Mars that is the abandoned ship of Hovannah.
EdenA satellite of Mars that is the ship that houses Jehovah and his kingdoms; also known as Phobos.
GalaxiasA galaxy ruled by Ouranos wherein Pente Ouranos is located. Today it is known by the name of the Milky Way.
GardenPlace on the outer rim of the ship that is Eden wherein the Holy Couple dwell.
GemThe Sister planet of Nighe, and one of the five planets of Pente Ouranos.
homeworldThe world on which a being or a thing was born or reared, and where it considers home.
IsolA distant, cold, dead planet.
Isolation ChambersPrivate Chambers wherein no recordors are allowed in order to provide a private place for the angels. There they may acquire rest, socialize or gambol.
Inner ChambersRaphael's domain upon Eden. This is the innermost coil of Jehovah's ship, beyond which only the mechanical workings of Eden, and Fluerty's domain, are found.
IthA planet controlled by Ouranos.
Lake of Rolling HillsOne of the lakes, created by the River of Life, in Lucifer's Garden. Semi-sentient hills who possess motion and retractable, suctioned grippers, yet are confined to the lake, are present there.
MarsOne of the five inhabited worlds of Pente Ouranos.
NarthOne of the planets ruled by Ouranos.
NigheThe Sister planet of Gem and one of the five planets ruled by Pente Ouranos.
Private ChambersIsolation chambers wherein no holographs or recordors are allowed, permitting some degree of privacy for the angels.
PhobosOfficial, registered name for the ship called Eden.
Room of High CouncilRoom wherein Jehovah makes his judgments, and having been created from one immense pearl.
Sector ZeroSector run by Gabriel as Director, but ultimately controlled by Raphael.
Sector Zero-negative-elevenSector responsible for creating the Crystal of Narth, a unique grade zero plant. This sector was destroyed directly after their creation of said plant, by being shifted and sent to Isol.
TaugiaPlanet of holy sanctuary that is the most proud possession of Pente Ouranos. It is one of the five planets inhabited in the Solar system, and has been created as a vacation resort and showplace for variant plants and animals that the gods and the lesser races are able to enjoy. No disagreements, fighting or wars are permitted to interfere here, by order of Ouranos.
VenusThe planet that holds the governmental seat of the five inhabited worlds of Pente Ouranos, of which it is one.


abuzzThe state of a place saturated with the excited and low sounds of conversation.
ambrosiaFood of the gods with remarkable healing and other life powers.
automatonaticallyLike an automaton.
awakeningBecoming aware and conscious upon removal from one's nurture fluid.
baptizeTo cleanse with water or consume by fire. A ritual performed with water at birth, naming or reaffirmation, or with fire, at death, to help complete the cycle of a life.
Couple verb A sexual act between two hermaphrodites wherein the sexual organs of each are involved in a mutual act of intercourse.
Class 69An untraceable vessel used by the gods and others at work for them.
CompletorRefers to the one who is Joined with another to make that other Complete.
ComposorOne who creates music.
computorInstrument used by the gods and their workers for controlling their universe, and the computation of various elements at work within it.
Day of PresentationThe holy day on which Lillith was presented to Lucifer.
Day of AwakeningThe day when one is awakened from one's nurture fluid. This does not apply to births of babies, for they are not born totally aware.
dematerializedCaused to be without material form.
dripletA word coined from droplet and drip, consisting of elements of both.
eggbornBorn from an egg as opposed to a tank or a body.
empath adj: empathyOne who can feel and feed from the emotions surrounding them; also, one who can emit.
etherealOne sharing genetic traits of the gods.
everbearingCoined word meaning having always to bear.
everpresentCoined word meaning always present.
extinctuation verb: extinctuateThe act of becoming extinct. Where the gods are concerned, this sometimes consists of genocide for what they consider the best interest of an ill-created race.
femConsidered to have feminine characteristics.
Free TimeA nonwork time given to the angels by Jehovah to do with as they so please. Some choose to spend it in their Private Chambers, some visit the Common Room, still others work through it.
gambolA session of pleasure, for at least one party, that amounts to a sexual encounter as we know it.
GameAn angelic plaything invented by Nergal. It consists of a three dimensional pyramidal Gameboard, and various, carved Gamepieces.
gambolorOne who gambols.
grade zeroA thing that has never before been produced and that cannot reproduce itself. It is a challenge for the gods to make such objects, and they are treasured once achieved. In Jehovah's Eden, there are many plants of grade zero class.
grok (grokked, grokking)The act and experience of taking in and absorbing the total existence of a person, place, thing or idea.
haremdryThe act of maintaining a harem.
holo- (anything!)Equipment used which produces a holographic image or representation of subject matter being viewed or addressed; also referencing equipment used to access or create the holographic forms.
instinctualDone of instinct.
JoinThe act of combining or connecting the souls of two things so that each needs the other to be a Complete soul.
Joined OneThe Completor of another.
latinumA highly valued metal.
lessersPersons considered beneath the political, social or genetic station of others.
lifescanA scan for lifesigns.
lifesignsReadable information coming from a physical body, and that denotes life.
midwordCoined word meaning in the middle of a word.
nondetection (waves)A conscious effort put forth by an empath to cover emotings, or the perception of them.
noseboneThat part of the bone in the skull that constitutes construction of a nose. It is used in reference to the equine in this story.
oralismThe vocalization of sounds, usually in making speech.
orgasmicallyWith reactions like unto those experienced during sexual orgasm.
orichalcumA gold/copper toned metal held in high value by the gods.
Pente OuranosThat branch of Ouranos that rules and controls the five inhabitable planets orbiting around the star Sol in Galaxias.
pentegramA five pointed star. This is the symbol of Pente Ouranos as representative of the five inhabited worlds of Sol that are ruled by the same. Lord Lucifer and Lady Lillith also choose this as their own symbol, as it is evident in the physical makeup of Crystal, a grade zero plant in the Garden of Eden. ****(Insert pix.)
phaze (phazed, phazing, phazic)A condition purposefully initiated that scatters the molecules of an existing thing so that other objects within the same universe might pass through it unhampered.
pheromonesHormonal signals given off that are detectable by a sense possessed by most species; especially, these are used to denote sexual desire, fear, love, and other strong emotions.
portorsPersons specializing in the transport of goods.
Prime GodMost powerful status that a god can achieve in regard to his powers.
pseudomammalLike unto, but not being a true mammal.
psi adj: psichicalThat which pertains to the use of the mind, be it the power to teleport, emote or empathize, speak telepathically, etc.
Ptah sphereGame played by members of Ouranos at varying levels. It involves the act of drawing to one and tossing back and forth the opposing forces at work in the universe until a state of supreme balance of the same is reached by the players.
quantifulAn amount in a large, known number. Abundant and definite.
quelchA coined word made up of the base words squelch and quench, denoting elements of both.
racemateOne sharing lineage of the same genetic race with another.
recordorA device used for recording sound and pictures.
revivorA medical device employed to bring about consciousness upon an unconscious victim.
roarousLike unto a roar.
roundletReferencing an object that is round in shape.
seductorOne who seduces.
self-actualizationThe epitome of enlightenment. The highest point of emotional development that can be obtained within the confines of a physical body.
SentientalOne who possesses sentience, often used in the context of differentiating between those within a race who lack sentience and those who have obtained it.
schmuckA very small, flaccid, uncircumcised penis.
swainA current male or hermaphroditic gamboling partner.
swooshTo sweep down making a loud and windy noise.
tachionA subatomic energy source used to power spacegoing vessels.
TerrigocticA period of historical development on an Ouranos world.
telecomTelepathically induced communication.
telepathOne capable of telepathy.
teleportTo use telekinetic powers to move an object.
telescreenScreen used to receive visual communication displays.
teleskillsSkills used in the art of psichic communication or telekinetic movement.
televoiceA voice transmitted through psichic communication.
unmalleableA state of being unchangeable or unable to be shaped.
unscannedthe act of being revealed due to a scan.
unsouledA being or object that does not possess a soul that can reincarnate, but that may be sentient and/or alive.
viewscreenA two-dimensional screen, different in make-up from holographs which project three-dimensional forms.
Wake TimeWhat constitutes a biological part of the day of Lucifer and Lillith. That portion of the biological day between periods of sleep.
wallwayEquivalent to a doorway, but removal of the larger portion of the wall is employed. This portion phazes out of material form, allowing passage from place to place. These entranceways are stationary.
warponsMissile weapons employed in warfare.
watering mistsIrrigation system of Eden that makes a daily circuit around the entire sphere occupied by the Garden, dropping a fine mist or dew upon the foliage.
waveReferencing the means of communication employed by the gods.
whalesongMusic made by the race of the whales, particularly during the Terrigoctic Period.
XSex chromosome that determines feminine gender traits.
YSex chromosome that determines male gender traits.



He awoke. The light of his world gradually adjusted with his eyesight as sleep cleared from his brain. Above the expanse of vegetation with which he was surrounded, the choir began a soft hymn. One of his favorite wake-up arrangements! He smiled into what made up his sky - up through the gentle colors of the atmosphere at the shadowy visions of the floating bodies singing out the ethereal serenade, then closed his eyes, grokking the arrangement until its completion.

As the next piece started at a quickened pace, he arose and walked forward for his bathing. Upon his leaving, the ground behind him lost his body's shape returning to its flat, grass covered surface. His naked feet hardly noticed the soft and perfect feeling of the grasses underneath him, for these were the only grasses that they had ever known. While he grokked the scenery around him, basking in its beauty, he had no concept that it could be other than beautiful. The millennia that had gone into the choosing and breeding of each seed, the carefully controlled climate, the self-cleaning, sterile surfaces, these were all taken for granted as a fetus takes for granted his womb. A kind of womb this was for him as he had grown and learned, here, outside his conceptual tank. Upon being removed from its nourishing fluids, he had arrived knowing speech, and the names of all things. How was he to know that these things within his universe were not the only ones to hold names?

To know the word for grass, however, had proven quite different from the feeling of it upon his feet! To know the word for apple was quite different from the taste of its sweet juices upon his tongue! To know the word for water was quite different from experiencing its soft flow upon his super-sensitive skin!

He plunged from a high purple bank into his waterfall, playing in a harrowing dive that should have inflicted immediate mortal wounds. Instead, his friends, the stones, expertly extended the small suction grippers that usually lay dormant upon their surfaces, catching him, and softening what little impact the low gravity allowed. Uprising himself upon the largest of these stones, he slung his head from side to side in the shower of river pouring upon him. He flung his long, dark, auburn tinted hair out from his pale face, its seeming to take on a life of its own as rivulets of water sprang out to mingle with the already falling waters. In this manner, he extended his arms and, bright eyes flashing in transient color from blue to green, he let out a mighty roar of pleasure that could easily have been mistaken for some ancient, primordial beast, long since extinct - indeed, that from which his genetics had sprung.

As he worshipped his world he was, however, alone. King in his solitary kingdom, without the wisdom to be lonely.


"It is incredible! The resemblance is absolutely astounding! I assume that he is a clone?" Hovannah sat before a smooth, shining table that was not quite gold, nor silver, but a metal that seemed a marvelous combination of both. The centerpiece of this otherwise stark room was this table upon which shimmered and played the holographic form of an early adult ethereal, capering about below in the Garden that made up the outermost realm of this gargantuan vessel in which he now sat. Hovannah turned his regal head of unruly blonde hair from the holograph to address his comrade, but paused and threw up a surprised look as his peripheral vision caught a clear, frontal picture of the bathing, naked figure. "No! Definitely not a simple clone," he remarked. "What even made you think of such a thing? A male? Really, how archaic! I hope you have had the good sense not to meddle in our genes.” He lent a sly, suspicious glance. "Have you gone mad out here in the middle of this antiquated star system? You should not have strayed this far from Ouranos for your research. We have not come this far as a race, spent this long in schooling and training, only to travel backwards along the evolutionary chain, now, have we?"

"I am sure, dear friend," replied his companion with a calculated flourish of his abundantly cut, pure white robe, "that you can still recall the time when this 'antiquated star system', as you call it, was simply buzzing with engineers and races from all over Ouranos. After all, it was only a few centuries ago. That little resort of a planet is still the biggest study of plant and animal life ever arranged. Already, I have learned so much! The ideas for my latest endeavor were achieved by watching the interaction upon Taugia. That very wonder, in which your eyes are now glorying, was inspired there himself." Hovannah's host gestured grandly towards the holograph, and Hovannah felt the immense pride and power bound from his comrade's chest.

"He is cloned, you are correct, but much more complex. It has taken more than a century, even with the work force and technology at my command, to create that perfect creature basking before you, and my work for and on him is not yet nearly complete." He pointed now to the small figure on the holographic table and ran his finger up and down the length of the tiny image in demonstration, the spray of the waterfall seeming to flow right through his powerful finger. "Of course, his genetic structure is mine, this is evident in the boy's good looks," he smiled, presenting his profile proudly to his audience of one, “so in that much I am safely within Ouranos' petty rules. You are correct, however, in your astute observation of our differences. In some respects, he is much different. Different in a good way. I have improved him, I think. His empathic abilities outrank my own...perhaps, even yours."

At this, Hovannah raised eyebrows of doubt which only resulted in his friend's more emphatic insistence, "I know that it is not supposed to be possible, but I have done it! Remember that he is newly formed, and unmarred. What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for in sensitivity and receptivity. The fact that he has gender alone almost doubles his capacity for feeling, and for needing. The potentials for worship are enormous! As for making my child a male, it was a last minute decision. I decided in favor of that territorial power, the aggressive emotions that can only be gotten with dominant male chromosomes…and, besides, it has given way to a much grander design," and indeed, his statements were made with grandiose authority.

Then, thoughtfully cocking his head to one side, he leaned closer to his friend, looming over the transmitted holo figure of his child as if about to admit a great confidence. If truth be known, which it often was not around our mysterious friend, his next statement was made more to cover up his own pride in case of future manifest mistakes, than in any genuine desire for sharing. "I actually did not know that it would be so, but my top engineer recognized the potential immediately. It is he who recommended the procedure and led my researcher to make it feasible. Another great creation, that one! I must introduce the two of you, soon."

"Is he isolated in a different sphere of the ship from this one, then?" the guest inquired, pointing to the male on the holo.

"No!" his host replied, as if this very suggestion were silly and arrived at by some deviant means of thought. He had risen and was pacing back and forth, finding it hard to sit still, characteristic of when he was in a state of great excitement, or of worry.

Used to his condescension, and ignoring it in good form, Hovannah found a quick return comment, turning to face his, now pacing, racemate. He wondered if these current strong emanations from his friend were borne more of excitement, or of worry. From experience, he knew that a change of subject would do the trick to calm his agitation in any case, and he was good at manipulating a subject while leaving it to look as though the flow of conversation were a natural process. Hovannah sent out a flood of calming emotion, a small one carefully coated with nondetection waves, as he spoke. "I, personally, think that it is a shame the way that all of those species are isolating themselves upon Taugia. It is simply an attempt to escape reality in the guise of what they term 'vacation'. I do not believe in the act myself. It is against my religion, and the very balance that one should seek to achieve in life in order to placate the Ptah. War ridden or no, I would want my offspring reared on their home worlds, with at least some exposure to technology. Better the weapons of war than the lack of good plumbing!"

Hovannah swiveled in the lush, red plaid chair that his host had offered upon his arrival, and once more faced the holographic image of the strong, naked body now skimming across the deep aqua lake, backdropped against resplendent purple hills. There was no arguing about the success of this creation. The creature was lovely! Hovannah's tone turned serious. "I can tell that he is a great source of food for you." Hovannah inhaled deeply, and took the energy exuded by the figure into his broad chest. As he sat, spellbound, feeding upon the power of the angel, he gasped with the fullness of it. "What do you call him?"

Startled, his host whirled, flinging a great surge of anger at his guest for feeding without invitation, and growled deeply, approaching the table, his steps stilted with the force of his fury. Leaning threateningly over Hovannah, he snarled through clenched teeth, "I call him, 'MINE'!" Reaching into the hologram and placing the image of his son in the palm of his hand, his voice puffed with pride as Jehovah announced: "I have named him...Lucifer!"


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