Too Much to Bear

by Deneen Ansley

NaNoWriMo 2008 Participant

Author's Note

This book is a tribute. It is a demonstration in survival – and the lack thereof.

It is the tale of women. Within these pages we will come to know women who ended their own lives, and we will experience, firsthand, the impact that this decision has had on the lives of the women who loved them. It is meant to be a remembrance, a guide, and perhaps, even, a warning.

It is unique in that all of the stories revolve around women who love women. It is not unique in that the pain shared is not bound by issues of sexual orientation.

All of the stories are different. The reactions of the survivors are different. Together, we paint a picture of what despair, death, grief and recovery look like, sharing the long-lasting and profound effects that these experiences have had upon our lives.

Our hope is that our collective voice - those of us who knew, loved, held hands with, those of us who walked for a while in witness to these lovely spirits - that we can help.

Through this work, we bring about a better understanding of the pain that was ultimately too much for them to bear. The author’s hope is that the cries of these entities will not have stopped with the ending of their lives, but that they will somehow sing out, touch and reach this world, not only for their sakes, but for our own.

Our Women Thus Far:

The Story of Tanya and Kirsten.
The Story of and Becky and Sherry.
The Story of Rebecca and Allison.
The Story of Ren and Paulette.
The Story of Robin and Joy.
The Story of Denise and Ann.
The Story of Denise and Deneen.

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