I Donít Need Your Body

by Deneen Ansley

I donít need your body.
In the way that most people do.
Itís not a physical pleasure,
My making love with you.

My spirit is yours for the taking -
And mine?
It takes yours, too.
This has nothing to do with us really.
Souls do what souls want to do.

From the moment of our first contact
There began this merging of minds.
Not that they mirrored each other -
Thatís not what a soul seeks to find.

No, it was more like capacity
To seek out a cup also filled
With grace, with beauty, with longing,
Though troubled and tried - never killed.

In full cups, the substance flows freely,
Never minding in whom itís contained.
So in you, I drink from the miracle,
And can return again and again.

Most beings must bypass this process,
Kick start it with an orgasm - or two,
But with you, Godís so close to the surface
Itís unnecessary to do.

This thing that my spirit longs for,
This connection to the presence of God,
I feel and breathe it through you
Whether with you or if weíre apart.

Where ever I go, you are with me,
And I know that I am with you.
I carry your presence inside me,
As lovers are wont to do.

I am your lover, truly,
Sans physical pleasure succumbed,
For I know what your quivering feels like,
And your essence, it rests on my tongue.

From inside myself, I speak you,
You are curled into me in my night.
Itís rare to find such a creature
Who can abide inside, bringing light.

Our shining is as of One Presence,
And Iíve no doubt when our work here is done
Weíll still dwell inside of each other,
You and me in the eternal

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