Happy 100th Birthday!

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10 January 2013

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Drabble Challenge #100 [Alternate]

Prompt: century
All I see anymore is death.
It’s everywhere. It’s all around me.
It used to be a tragedy. There was newness to it.
I recall how hard and life-altering funerals used to be;
How I took my children to them.
“Everyone,” I said, “should get used to facing death.”
I’ve faced it just about enough.
Right up until it’s lost its sting.

Oh, he’s comin’ all right.
Like he came for my whole family, and all my friends, and left me here—alone.
When it’s my turn?
I’ll shake his hand and say:
“Finally! What took you so damn long?”




TitleDate Posted
Pacific Lament: A Century's Passage21 October 2012


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