Free-Range Godlings

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18 July 2013

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Drabble Challenge #101

Prompt: leg

part 11 of the series: Gods & Monsters

Hermes and Ratatoskr herded the mob of beatific toddlers toward Ginnungagap. “This would be much simpler if Metatron helped,” Ratatoskr complained as three of the toddlers dived into a bramble thicket and a single scream escaped outward.

“Jehovah’s messenger?” Hermes scoffed as he pushed through the briars to retrieve the wayward lambs. “They refuse to even acknowledge the rest of us exist.”

Hermes pulled the children from the thicket and snatched a bloody leg away from them and asked, “Isn’t this a leg off an Alu demon?”

Ratatoskr shuddered and said, “These little bastards scare me more than the Titans.”



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