America's Funniest Malpractice

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19 October 2012

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Drabble Challenge #101

Prompt: leg

March 17, 2019-- 'Mississippi Ass-Kicker' Acquitted

"Acquitted? How on earth did he get off?! Granted, the footage was hilarious...all those WalMartians encountering his "Tourette's of the foot" whenever they acted rudely--it was Quality! But while I DO favor a good ass-kicking for the deserving...make it penalty-free, and we'll ALL be doing it."

"Turned out to be a doctor's fault. He'd lost his leg in the war, and they were supposed to replace it with a robot model, like they give to runners...but someone mistakenly delivered a similar part off one of those novelty 'ass-kicking machines' instead."




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