Matt and Charlie Get Their Clown-Slaughtering Charges Dropped, Again

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27 March 2013

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Drabble Challenge #104

Prompt: proof

part 1 of the series: To Clown or Clown Not
related to Wilder Investigations

Matt and Charlie sat exhausted in the holding room as blood and blackish ichor dried on their gouged and injured faces and arms.

Detective Reynolds sat across the table and gaped at them in disbelief. “You are claiming that a demonic clown murdered the missing co-eds and feed them to his pet pigs, right?”

Matt and Charlie nodded their agreement.

“You got proof of this?”

Charlie slid the bowling-ball bag he was holding across the table to the detective.

Reynolds unzipped the bag and gagged as he found a severed head and emptied his gun into it when it smiled.




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