The Proof is in the Party/The Party is in the Proof

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16 January 2013

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Drabble Challenge #104

Prompt: proof

"Let’s get this one!" Annie cried, lifting the six-pack. "It’s like a margarita beer!"

"Yuck!" that can’t be good!" Shelley answered, grimacing. "What about this grape vodka? It’s so pretty!"

"Really?" Edie asked, arching a carefully sculpted eyebrow. "And what does it taste like? Do you even know? Or care?"

Annie laughed, her long ponytail swaying. "Yeah, you’d drink spit if it was purple!"

"I would not!" Shelley screeched, carefully examining the purple polish on her fingernails. "Well, maybe…"

"What about these Twisted Shots over here?" Edie asked. "Mudslide… Sex on the Beach… Hey, Shel, there’s one called Purple Passion!



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