Root Cause

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2 January 2013

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Drabble Challenge #104

Prompt: proof

"...if firearms were made illegal?"

"Well, setting aside our right to self-defence, and criminals' unstoppable access to guns...other countries' data is proof enough that it's barking up the wrong tree. Really, dude, I could kill you with anything. Water? Obviously. Look up the 'dangers of dihydrogen monoxide'. Air? Sure, compressed, or in a syringe. Plenty of deadly flora, and fauna. Any blunt object, any sharp one...the list is almost infinite."

"Spaghetti?" he grinned.

"Sure: botulism, mold, poisoning, choking. You can't make violence idiot-proof, or anger-proof. The bottom line is to ask, and address, why people want to kill!"




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