Smudged Ink

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18 January 2013

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Drabble Challenge #106

Prompt: oops

part 2 of the series: The End of Time

“Why didn't this thing work?” Puch asked himself as he looked at the calendar that he'd been working on for years. “It was supposed to end the world on December 21, 2012!” Looking at the calendar once again, he thundered, “BOLON!”

“Yes Puch,” Bolon replied sheepishly.

“Take a look at this!” Punch continued to roar, as he pointed to a smudge on his calendar. “Do you see this?”

“Yea, it looks like a one.”

“Remember when you knocked over my ink well?”


“The ink ran down my page!” Punch growled. “Now the world won't end until December 21, 12012!”



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