Outside Looking In

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3 September 2008

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Drabble Challenge #11 [Alternate]

Prompt: happy family vacation

related to Wilder Investigations

Therese Vandameer sipped her chilled Zinfandel as Mrs. Diane Wilder, PhD, guided her through a tour of her lake home.

“Dee,” Therese cooed, “your mountain retreat is exquisite and you’re right on the lake. It must be so wonderful to have such a peaceful place to go to get away from the stress of the city. How did you afford it?”

“Oh, Jason and Susan are doctors,” Mrs. Wilder preened, “so they bought the land for me and William.”

“Didn’t Matt help,” Therese asked.

Mrs. Wilder’s eyebrows pinched before she replied, “Oh, you know Matt, he’s still finding himself.”




TitleDate Posted
The Beach15 July 2008

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Working Vacation5 June 2009


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