Imagination Park [bonus]

[<] [>]  by C. Scott Davis [@]

25 November 2013

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(This drabble was written using Bonus Challenge words: Highlight First)

Drabble Challenge #113

Prompt: closed

The battleground is timeless, as ancient weapons and armour fight side-by-side with pistols and lasers. Shaking my head, I try to harness my wandering mind; after all, such distractions could easily spell my doom.

A slight flicker, as the scenes project in the background, gives away the imaginary nature of the battle. So yeah, I guess "doom" was a bit of an exaggeration. Just chalk it up to my enthusiasm.

I swing my weapon at a creature made of metal and wax.

Then, in the distance, I hear a siren, followed by: "The park will be closing in 30 minutes."




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