Getting the Family Business

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27 April 2014

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Drabble Challenge #115

Prompt: twisted

related to Wilder Investigations

“Uncle Matt!” Jason Wilder screamed. “This is NOT pest control!” Matt swung his bloody machete and decapitated one of the braver chupacabra as it lunged at them in the dimly lit chicken house.

“More swingy, less talky!” Matt hissed as he stood back to back with his nephew. “And where’s your useless friend, Victor? I explained this was a three man job!”

“Nothing was said about hairless coyotes!”

“Chupabra!” Matt corrected.

“That’s just twisted,” Jason yelled as he hurriedly swung his machete. “No such thing! They’re coyotes with mange!”

“And sharp, blood-sucking teeth,” Matt yelled as he killed another one.




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