When the North Pole Gets Sequestered

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14 December 2013

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Drabble Challenge #116

Prompt: present

"How about that Playstation Three over there," said Greymalkin as he pointed to a game console covered with dust. "SC's giving him the upgrade anyway. He won't miss it."

"It's too big," said Svirfneblin. "He'd definitely notice it missing."

Both elves suddenly heard the boy mumbling in his sleep. "Keep it down," hissed Greymalkin. "We don't want him waking up and screaming for grownups." The elves ducked behind a bicycle decorated with Transformers as the child stirred.

"What kind of world is this where the economy is so bad, we have to steal presents back to make quota," moaned Svirfneblin.




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