One Being's Sloth Is Another Being's Hero

[<] [>]  by Deneen Ansley

30 June 2015

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Drabble Challenge #117

Prompt: fearless

part 1 of the series: General Sot and The Case of Mistaken Intentioning

“That one!” General Sot pokes his authority tentacle at the image. “It has obvious value. No weapons are discharging near it.”

“BOOM!” the hologram shakes as chunks of earth fly, some disappearing, others landing on the prone figure. The being flicks at the dirt, but has no other reaction.

General Sot flushes purple with anticipatory excitement as the creature materializes onto the control floor, dirt and all. He's chosen well! This human's sound-hole doesn't open. It doesn't activate its walking sticks and accelerate around the room in mystifying circles.

Sot's body sloshes with pride amongst the chorus of congratulatory gurgles.




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