Uncle Matt's Way

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23 March 2012

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Drabble Challenge #12 [Alternate]

Prompt: power

related to Wilder Investigations

“Power’s gone,” Edward said as he scrunched up against his older sister, Ginger. “What are we gonna do.”

“Momma says don’t day gonna, say going,” Ginger corrected him. “I’m not sure what to do. What would Uncle Matt and Daddy do?”

“According to Dad, Uncle Matt would run forward, fall down, and find a way out,” Edward whispered in the dark.

“Works for me,” Ginger said and she jumped up and sprinted forward, tripping over an unseen box. She stumbled, hard, against the basement’s wooden door, flinging it open.

Ginger rubbed her achy shoulder and said, “Uncle Matt’s way hurts.”




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