Justifiable Homicide

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29 April 2014

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Drabble Challenge #120

Prompt: murder

related to Wilder Investigations

"State your name for the record," said the District Attorney.

"Abudadein the Unholy," replied the demon.

"What is your connection to the defendants, Matthew Wilder and Charles Allen?"

"They murdered me."

"Objection," blurted Horace Campbell, attorney for the defense. "The witness is obviously not deceased."

"My worshipers resurrected me, you repugnant insect," growled Abudadein.

"The witness shall refrain from name-calling," admonished the judge.

"Your honor," said the D.A., "may I remind the court that death is legally defined as something that takes place at..."

"It's going to take them weeks to decide if he actually died," mumbled Matt to Charlie.




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