A Slight Change Of Plans

[<] [>]  by Michael Bernier

3 May 2016

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Drabble Challenge #120

Prompt: murder

part 8 of the Wilder Investigations series: A Different Kind of Zombie Apocalypse


“There it is! I told you we’d find that zombie mosquito here.”

“Okay, but how did it start out the size of my fingernail and grow as big as a vulture?”

“It must have been all those blood meals it had turning dogs and cats into zombies. We still have to catch it before it bites again.”

“Catch it? With what? It isn’t going to fit down that vacuum cleaner hose.”

“You’re right. But what else can we do?”

“Grab a club. We’ll murder it.”


“It won’t work! You can’t kill something that’s already dead!”

“Oh, right.”




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