Dream Job for a Bozophile

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25 April 2014

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Drabble Challenge #121

Prompt: drive

part 12 of the series: The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!

When the ad hit the papers, he gasped, "Could it BE? Could they ever have made work so perfect for me??"

But it's there...in bold print, stating: 'Circus in Town!' He looked up the address, and he hurried right down.

Polka dots, shoes and noses, all danced in his head...all his fantasies surely about to be fed.

"What credentials!" they cheered. "This guy's made for the show. Sure, his background's risque, but no kids need to know..."

"This is awesome!" cried Scott. "I'm the happiest man alive!

"...A WHOLE CAR filled with clowns, and I get to DRIVE!"




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