A Plan That Might Work

[<] [>]  by Michael Bernier

4 May 2016

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Drabble Challenge #123

Prompt: wish

part 11 of the Wilder Investigations series: A Different Kind of Zombie Apocalypse

“I wish we had something to tangle up this overgrown zombie mosquito’s wings and legs after I get his proboscis sucked into the vacuum cleaner hose.”

“Sounds like we need a butterfly net. Where are we going to find one of those before my arms give out swinging this golf club?”


“That’s IT! Do you have that pocket fishing net you keep boasting about when we go fishing and never catch anything?”

“Yeah, but--“

“But nothing! Pull it out and get ready to throw it when I tell you!”

“Okay, but I haven’t finished paying for it yet.”




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