Bonorum et Malorum [500]

by C. Scott Davis [@]

15 June 2015

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Flash Writing

Inspired by game

"It's your move," the Creator prompted.

"Don't rush me."

"Okay," the Creator shrugged. "I'm going to get a refill." He indicated his empty glass. "Want anything?"

The Adversary shook his head no, then frowned, contemplating his next move. He'd had a few good hands, and was currently ahead, but not by enough to get complacent. That move with the Inquisition had completely caught his friend off guard, but a trick like that wasn't likely to work twice.

The Creator sat back down and took a sip of his drink. "Did you go yet?"

The Adversary made a cautious, almost timid play, then sat back with a smile. "Your turn."


To an outside observer (had one existed), they would have been two old friends, sitting across from a large table, covered with cards and tokens, playing some strange game that seemed to be part chess, part board game and part... something else.

At the same time, on some other level, they were formless beings of unimaginable power, floating above the surface of a small bluish sphere.

Neither perspective was true of course, and yet in some way, they both were.

The Creator tended to be a thoughtful player, sometimes spending aeons contemplating a move that affected only a small number of pieces. Early in the game, this strategy had paid off, and at first he had maintained a solid lead.

The Adversary on the other hand, was usually very bold, often making sudden, daring moves and taking huge risks. As they neared the endgame though, and he found himself marginally ahead, he was playing much more carefully.

"Ah," the Creator said. "I see what you're trying to do." He flipped a few cards, and shuffled some pieces around, gaining back a few points, even though he was still behind.

"Yeah, you see right through me," the Adversary quipped. "I guess I might as well give up now."

The Creator eyed his friend suspiciously. The Adversary had a knack for letting the Creator play out his moves and then suddenly turning them against him at the last minute.

"Just go," the Creator said, with mock crossness.

"Seriously though," the Adversary said, "it's getting late, and this game's run several thousand years longer than I'd expected it to."

"Going to get in trouble with the wife?" the Creator teased.

The Adversary scowled and looked down at his pieces. He was definitely ahead. If he kept at it, he was sure to win, but it would take a long time. "What say we call it a draw?"

"You just know I would've beaten you," the Creator said, laughing. He could count though, and he knew that given time, the Adversary was likely to win. "Sure. Let's call it a draw."

The Creator waved his hand over the table, casually destroying the Universe.

"Same time next week?" he asked, walking his friend to the door.

The Adversary nodded. "My place this time? I'll create the Universe."

"Sounds good," the Creator agreed. "I'll bring snacks."




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