Cyrano de Allen

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15 October 2009

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Drabble Challenge #16 [Alternate]

Prompt: zombies

part 1 of the Wilder Investigations series: Cyrano de Allen

Carol kicked and heaved at the undead store manager as it forced her to the floor, grappling for a death-bite. Charlie swung his gore-matted crowbar and rained blow after blow upon the zombie’s head and shoulders, finally through fatiguing repetition connecting with its skull, killing it. Just then, Matt bulled his way through the store’s door and said, “Are you okay in here?”

Carol shoved the destroyed zombie off her gore splattered body and lunged off the floor and into Matt’s surprised arms. “Thank God you’re here,” she sobbed, “I almost died.”

Stunned, the crowbar dropped from Charlie’s numb fingers.




TitleDate Posted
Rocky Horror12 August 2008

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