All Is Lost

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16 May 2012

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Drabble Challenge #18 [Alternate]

Prompt: what if...?

part 2 of the series: The Continuing Saga of Phyzz and Muze

Where ARE they?

True, they aren’t the most reliable—frequently we need to remind them to feed us—but they are usually HERE!

Yes, they do go out sometimes, allowing us to peacefully nap and attend to our own affairs uninterrupted, but they aren’t ever gone very long.

Not like THIS!

All day, all night, they’re gone.

Don’t they CARE about us anymore? Before they brought us here didn’t they agree to SEE TO OUR NEEDS?

What if we DIE trapped in this house?

We have NO one! All is LOST!

I was afraid it would eventually come to this…




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