Calmer Heads

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26 January 2009

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Drabble Challenge #24 [Alternate]

Prompt: don't panic

related to Wilder Investigations

Chad forced his hand upwards and pierced the intertwined roots of the sod. He wormed himself halfway out of the ground when he heard, "Hurry Matt! Here's another one!"

Chad focused his gummy eyes upward and found a much larger man carrying a shovel walking toward him. Relieved, he motioned for the man to come over and help dig him out. He opened his mouth and to his shock he found himself moaning "bbbbrraaaaiiinnssssss".

Alarmed, Chad hurriedly raised his hands as the shovel descended and tried to plead with the maniac not to whack him, but all he said was, "bbbbrraaaaiiinnnsss".




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