I'm Not Saying I Told You So, But...

[<] [>]  by Michael Bernier

13 June 2014

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Drabble Challenge #25

Prompt: now what?

part 2 of the Wilder Investigations series: Against the Wall

The brown slime was moving faster. They pressed harder against the brick wall, trying to make themselves part of the masonry.

“Now what?”

“I’ve got nothing.”

“Me neither.”

“If there was some way we could climb this wall to get away from it… let’s see if we can get a handhold on here somewhere.”

They turned and started clawing at the wall. Just as the slime touched their heels, they dislodged a brick. The floor suddenly dropped open and the slime fell into a deep pit, leaving them standing on a narrow ledge.

“See, I told you not to panic.”




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