Our Little Secret

[<] [>]  by Joel Byers[+]

3 September 2008

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Drabble Challenge #3 [Alternate]

Prompt: secrets

Leland pushed the damp, limp vegetation away from his red, flustered face as Charlie floundered behind him in the waist-deep, weed infected bog. Leland turned around when he heard a startled “Urp” and watched Charlie disappear under the dark water.

Leland sloshed back toward Charlie and reached down into the bog and pulled him up and out of the hole.

“Never let Matt know that he was right,” Charlie demanded of Leland as he spit and gagged on the thick, brackish water.

Leland flicked a leech from Charlie’s head as he nodded and said, “Agreed. It’ll stay our little secret.”




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The Bodies in the Basement27 April 2008

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