Part 15: Initial Appraisal

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5 June 2012

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Drabble Challenge #30 [Alternate]

Prompt: shadow

part 15 of the series: Encountering Ophelia

Varian looked at Liana, and they both looked curiously at Ophelia.

"What is it, Liana?" he asked, ever-watchful for danger. "Do you sense something?"

"Excuse me…" Ophelia ventured, grasping Jonathan’s hand tightly. "You need not fear anything from me… I mean you no harm…"

"You have some kind of psychic ability?" Liana, who possessed ESP herself, asked. "I can feel your mind…"

"You can read her mind, Liana?" Scott asked in wonder, looking from one woman to the other.

"No, Scott," Liana answered. "I only… feel her thoughts…" She looked toward Ophelia quizzically. "But perhaps she can read mine—ours."




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