Flavors of Denial

[<] [>]  by Julie Carriker

3 July 2009

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Drabble Challenge #41 [Alternate]

Prompt: denial

Denial has thousands of flavors—more than Baskin-Robbins could ever think of.
Here are a few…
     No, there’s nothing wrong.
     I’m just thinking about something else.
     No, it’s nothing you did.
     I just didn’t sleep well last night.
     Everything will be fine soon.
     If he loves me, he’ll change.
     She only acts that way because she has low self-esteem.
     He only does this because he wants attention.
     Everything’s okay, really.
     If I only lost twenty pounds.
     If I was only taller.
     Things aren’t really that bad.
     I’m not cheating.
     I AM happy!
What flavor would you like to scoop up?




TitleDate Posted
A Woman's Denial30 June 2009


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