Texting Counts

[<] [>]  by Laura Beth Caldwell

11 July 2009

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Drabble Challenge #41

Prompt: denial

"You can't expect her to understand."

"Why?" I paced in front of her, knowing she thought I was being ridiculous and self-centered.

"Because you don't know her, that's why." Her words were too callous--too real.

"But my soul knows her."

"That doesn't matter--you've only spoken to her twice." She reminded me.

"Yeah, but we've texted--that counts." I fumbled for reason.

"Texting doesn't count."

"You haven't read our texts." I assured her.

"It doesn't matter--it doesn't count".

"I'm telling you, she's the one." I stamped out my cigarette.

"And I'm telling you to put down the phone."




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