All Hail The Chief!

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21 March 2010

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Drabble Challenge #56

Prompt: pi/pie

“Mr. Senator, 50?” the moderator asked.

Senator Davis smiled easily at the moderator and James Ruskin before answering, “0”.

“Mr. Ruskin?” the moderator said, “37?”

Ruskin dipped his head in acknowledgement and answered, “1”.

“Senator, 672?”

He smiled again, “4”.

“Mr. Ruskin, 1553?”

Ruskin laughed and answered, “3!”

“Mr. Moderator,” Ruskin interrupted, “We’re big boys here, make em harder!”

The Senator nodded his agreement.

The moderator turned to Senator Davis and said, “14,433?”

The Senator thought and said, “4”.

“Mr. Ruskin, 18959?”


“That’s incorrect sir,”

“26,901, Senator?”

Senator Davis paused and said, “2”.

“Congratulations, Mr. President,” the moderator said.




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