A Saga of Sexting

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13 June 2010

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Drabble Challenge #57 [Alternate]

Prompt: text
Oh, Anthony, what were you thinking?
(We know what you were thinking WITH)
Had you possibly been drinking?
(No, it appears you KNEW what you were doing)

You were unfaithful to your wife,
(Okay, actually it was voyeuristic masturbation)
Your political respect is probably gone for life,
(A rarity anyway in our media-soaked age)

But Representative Weiner, never fear
(Before long this will be old news)
Another election cycle is drawing near
(And we still have Sarey P. taking her "wild rides")

Youíll be nothing more than a footnote in civic history,
(Alongside John Edwards or Gary Hartóremember him?)




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Non-Texter's Lament22 March 2010


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