Safe & Sound

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16 May 2012

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Drabble Challenge #61 [Alternate]

Prompt: safe

part 4 of the series: The Continuing Saga of Phyzz and Muze

Thanks be to Bastet! We are saved!

At last! One of our companions, the quieter one, the one who doesn’t seem quite as needy (he’s rather like a cat in that way), has returned to us.

That woman who carries the scent of dogs won’t barge in, frightening us, anymore!

We don’t know where he’s been, or where that other one is now, but we’re not going to let anything like our recent abandonment happen again. We’re going to keep our eyes on him so he can’t try to slip away again.

We’ll take turns sitting on him, if necessary.




TitleDate Posted
Safe At Home8 September 2010

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Is Nothing Safe?26 December 2011
Phyzz: Safe At Last29 June 2011


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