Sacrifice, The Choice

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21 May 2012

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Drabble Challenge #62 [Alternate]

Prompt: sacrifice

part 35 of the Expanded Blue Mountain Stories series: Blue Mountain

The medicine man chanted behind the kneeling boys and weaved his burning smudge-stick around and over them. From the lake of boiling, burning, blue mud a loud howling rose. Of all the Creek standing at Nodoroc, only the Honora and the medicine man refused to back away. To the boys’ horror, a gigantic wolf the size of a pony climbed out of the mud and stalked over to the landing. It extended a long forked tongue from its over-large mouth and tasted each of the lads. To Sidmouth’s dismay, it stopped in front of Torquay and howled, over and over




TitleDate Posted
The Pressing1 July 2010

Other Alternates

TitleDate Posted
Sacrifice, Completed21 May 2012
The Lake of Mud21 May 2012
Fate, Determined21 May 2012
“Takes-A-Beating”21 May 2012


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