The Price of Fame, Part Two

[<] [>]  by Julie Carriker

8 September 2010

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Drabble Challenge #63

Prompt: image

part 2 of the Roddy & Linda Stories series: The Price of Fame

Roddy’s image, as much as he’d hated it, had been the wistful little boy, a friend to dogs and horses…

Although, honestly, he sighed, I wasn’t in THAT many films co-starring with animals!

The proper and polite little gentleman…

Now, that isn’t so bad, he told himself. SHOULDN’T one strive for politeness, and know the parameters in any given situation and behave accordingly?

But now… He looked at the grainy photograph once more, cringing at the sight of that girl from the show in Minneapolis… the one who’d come back to his dressing room.

And then went to my hotel…



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