First Look

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26 December 2011

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Drabble Challenge #63 [Alternate]

Prompt: image

related to Maternity

She squealed when the cold goo touched her abdomen.

"Sorry about that," the technician apologized with an understanding smile. "I should have warned you."

"No, it’s okay," she assured the older, bespectacled woman. "It’s all part of the experience, isn’t it…?" Her voice trailed off as an image appeared on the monitor to her right. "Is that…?" she asked in an awed whisper.

"Sure is!" the technician replied, moving one hand to indicate the fuzzy shape at the center of the screen. "There’s the head… and the feet over here."

"Ohhhh…" she sighed. "That’s really her… or him… my baby!"




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