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19 June 2010

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Drabble Challenge #64

Prompt: pun

related to Wilder Investigations

Matt and Charlie crept through the dark house, alert for noise or signs of movement.

Suddenly, Matt stopped and crouched down to peer intently at a large rug, which covered most of the floor. It looked as though it might've been valuable once, but it was now faded, threadbare and coated with dog hair and stains.

"What's the matter?" Charlie asked.

"Tell me, Chuck," Matt said, ignoring the question, "Is this Mayan?"

"Mayan?" Charlie said, looking confused. "No," he replied, "It's definitely not Mayan."

"Well, if it's not MY-an..." Matt said, keeping his face expressionless, "then it must be UR-ine."



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