Part 4: Groundwork

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21 May 2012

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Drabble Challenge #66 [Alternate]

Prompt: imagine

part 4 of the series: Encountering Ophelia

As he cleared the central area for a campfire, Jonathan couldn't banish the woman from his thoughts. He hadn't seen details from such a distance, yet he somehow felt he knew her, that hed met her somewhere.

That's ridiculous! he chided himself as he looked toward the trees once more. It actually must simply be the trip from Zone to Zone, as I told Fred...

After hed finished placing large, flat stones round the fire-pit, the scientist decided to gather firewood. Hed stay nearby, so he would hear his companions, should they return.

And perhaps, he sighed, Ill see her




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The Streets of New York8 December 2010

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