The Children's Excitement

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7 April 2012

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Drabble Challenge #78 [Alternate]

Prompt: picture (special)

"Your dad has gone to the pound to pick out your new puppy. What kind do you hope he gets?"

Excitement ensues as the children's answers begin...

"One with blue eyes."

"No, I like green!"

"I want a little one."

"I like little doggies too!"

"How about a scrunchy nose, like a bull dog?"

"Yea, and a long tongue."

"A gray one."

"Or white."

"Maybe tan?"

"I want one with pointy ears standing straight up."

"I'd rather have one with the sideways little ears."

"A little mouth."

"And long whiskers."

Mom looks with horror as dad walks through the door!




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