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23 September 2012

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Drabble Challenge #78 [Alternate]

Prompt: picture (special)

part 1 of the series: Changing Seasons

Sweet sweet Spring,
how sweet it is.

A time for new beginnings,
and for new love.

An aspiring young artist,
photographs the morning sunrise.

The tender flowers bloom,
with radiant beauty.

A young couple,
falls deeply in love.

From the trees spring new growth,
in shades of green.

A first time mother,
brings forth a new life.

An early morning shower,
adds a freshness to the air.

Kids in the park,
watch their kites soar high.

Sweet little birds,
sing a beautiful new song.

A time for new beginnings,
and for new love.

Sweet sweet Spring,
how sweet it is.




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