Bad Taste Room

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1 June 2008

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Drabble Challenge #8

Prompt: pig juice

"Oh my, you donít want to go in there!" Willy Wonka insisted.

"But you promised to show us the whole factory," one of the children protested.

"That I did, but you won't like this room. It's not very nice at all."

"What's in there?" another child asked.

"All of the flavours that didn't work out," Wonka said with an exaggerated frown, pushing open the door.

The children all crowded around, as he pointed out the various items on display: "Garlic Bubblegum... Sardine Truffles... Pig Juice--"

"Pig Juice? That sounds terrible!"

"Yes, and the pigs weren't too happy about it either."



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