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17 September 2008

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Drabble Challenge #8 [Alternate]

Prompt: pig juice

related to Wilder Investigations

Matt jerked around in surprise as fifty pounds of squealing, terrified piglet dropped from the sky and slammed him into the ground. A stunned Charlie rushed to his friend’s aide as the terrified oinker and the loud, cursing man fought for the same ground space. Winning, the pig folded his wings and scurried away to the surprise of both men.

“A winged pig crashed into you, Matt,” Charlie exclaimed with awestruck wonder. He then took a better looked at Matt and added, “and got slimy pig juice and junk all over you.”

“That’s not pig juice,” Matt snarled in disgust.




TitleDate Posted
Level 3, Subterrean Level Section 424a1 June 2008


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